Tweet Hunter Review

Tweet Hunter is an incredible tool to boost your growth in X.

It has a lot of great features that will help you on your Twitter journey.

What is Tweet Hunter?

Tweet Hunter is a Twitter growth tool, designed to help users grow and monetize their Twitter audience.

Regardless of how big your audience, if you truly want to take social media growth seriously, you need to use external tools like Tweet Hunter.

Tweet Hunter features:

Tweet Hunter is an all-in-one tool, which will help you run your X (former Twitter) account effectively.

As any other social media tools, it covers the basic features:

Tweet Hunter Common Features

  • Schedule posts
  • Auto Retweet (it will retweet one of your old best performing post and retweet your latest post after a few hours)
  • Un Retweet (it will clean your profile, by deleting retweets from posts after a while)
  • Check analytics and performance (extensive insight into your Twitter account)
  • Analyze your best time to post (it will tell you when your audience is most active)
  • Ideas to post about (it gives you random ideas of topics you are likely interested in)

Tweet Hunter Unique Features

As well as this simple features, it also has unique ones, which make Tweet Hunter stand out:

  • Easy engagement with other accounts. You can reply to other posts, as well as like them and message them. All without leaving Tweet Hunter.
  • Thread delay. This feature allows you to share a thread by parts. Having a tiny delay on threads give them an extra boost.
  • Auto-plug. When your post reaches a great number of likes (the one you set), it will follow up with another tweet, usually a self-promotion, to increase your business reach. But you can include whatever you like.
  • Auto-DM. You can automatically DM everyone who check your profile, as well as anyone that likes your post.
  • Tweet Hunter Extension, it comes with a lot of wonderful tools built inside Twitter Web. Making your Tweeting experience, a much more comfortable and easy activity.

Tweethunter pricing:

Tweet Hunter can be a great tool if you don’t plan on spending a dime. Its free plan cover many essential features, although it misses incredible features like auto-DM’s, which for me is the main reason I use Tweet Hunter.

Regarding pricing, it has 4 plans:

  • Free plan (basic features)
  • Discover ($49/month)
  • Grow ($99/month)
  • Enterprise ($200/month)

The free plan has many great tools, but Discover Plan is needed in order to access DMs and other essential features you are going to need.

Tweet Hunter Alternatives:

If you are not sure what your best choice is, I recommend you give a few tools a try, and see which one works better for you.

The closest alternative to Tweet Hunter, is Typefully, which has similar options at a cheaper price.

I made a review comparing both of them, and it truly depends on what your goal is.