Tweet Hunter vs Typefully

Tweet Hunter and Typefully are tools to boost your growth in X (former Twitter), and they can be both very useful.

If you want to grow your Social Media presence, you must use external tools to help you write content as well as schedule your content. These tools can also offer other interesting features like auto DM’s and similar tools.

There are many tools you can use, but on this post, I’m only going to cover Tweet Hunter and Typefully, I’ve used both of them. And after using them for a while, I feel comfortable writing this post.

Common characteristics

Tweet Hunter vs Typefully, they are both tools that help with your social media growth, thus, they share some essential features, which all paid social media services should include, like the following features:

  • Schedule posts
  • Auto Retweet (it will retweet one of your old best performing post and retweet your latest post after a few hours)
  • Un-Retweet (it will clean your profile, by Un-retweeting posts after a while)
  • Check analytics and performance (extensive insight into your Twitter analytics)
  • Analyze your best time to post (it will tell you when your audience is most active)
  • Ideas to post about (it gives you random ideas of topics you are likely interested in)
  • Auto DMs (each platform has differences)

Tweet Hunter

Tweet Hunter can be a great tool if you don’t plan on spending a dime, it has many great features that Typefully lack, including:

  • Easy engagement with other accounts
  • Thread delay
  • Auto-plug (when your post reaches X likes, it will follow up with another tweet, usually you should include a self-promotion, to increase your business reach)
  • Auto-DM (you can automatically DM people who check your profile, as well as anyone that likes your post)
  • Tweet Hunter Extension, it comes with a lot of wonderful tools.

Regarding pricing, it has 4 plans:

  • Free plan (basic feature)
  • Discover ($49/month)
  • Grow ($99/month)
  • Enterprise ($200/month)

The free plan has many great tools, but Discover Plan is needed in order to access DMs and other essential features you are probably going to need.


Typefully is another great alternative, which has some unique features that Tweet Hunter lack.

If you don’t plan on spending nothing, maybe you shouldn’t give Typefully a try, as its free plan is far from good. Anyway, in its premium version, you can find the following features that Tweet Hunter lacks:

  • Cross posting (you can post to LinkedIn and Twitter at the same time)
  • Auto-DM (it will only be sent to those who reply with exactly the word you ask them to reply)

Regarding pricing, it also has 4 plans:

  • Free plan (basic features)
  • Creator ($12.5/month)
  • Team ($29/month)
  • Agency ($79/month)

Free plan is like a free trial, as you can’t use it much, only 15 posts a month, and only to Twitter. Usually Creator Plan is enough, above that it’s only helpful if you have a team.

Tweet Hunter vs Typefully Conclusion

The most remarkable difference, is its price, Tweet Hunter cheaper version (excluding free plan), is 4 times more expensive than Typefully cheaper plan.

All that being said, I think there isn’t a better app, it just depends on how you want to use it:

If you want to diversify your reach or don’t want to spend much money, Typefully might be the best alternative.

If you are looking forward to growing your Twitter account, and promote your content that way, Tweet Hunter is the better alternative.

Anyway, this is a very personal choice, and you might end up choosing one over the other for any specific feature you are looking for. Whatever the reason it may be, I would recommend you gave each platform a try, as they both have interesting features.