What is the value of subscribers

Not all subscribers are worth the same, there are a lot of different factors that can make your subscribers more or less valuable.

Each subscriber has a unique value, which depends on 3 main factors: social media platform, niche, and location.

In today’s post, you are going to analyze how valuable each subscriber is.

Social media platform

Social media platform: a subscriber on Twitter and YouTube are not the same. The latter is way more valuable.

First and foremost, it’s important to point out, this is the expected lifetime value for a subscriber on each social media platform. Taking into account, subscribers on platforms like Twitter stay active on someone’s content for way less time than what the average user does on YouTube.

  1. YouTube: $2.00
    This platform is able to drive high conversion rates through ads.
  2. X (former Twitter): $1.00
    X users tend to stay engaged with the accounts they follow for a short period of time, and ads are not working really well on this platform.
  3. Instagram: $1.50
    The visual nature of Instagram is able to provide high conversion rates.
  4. Facebook: $1.15
    The target audience of Facebook, is way older, and they aren’t as willing to spend money online.
  5. TikTok: $0.95
    Although its visual nature, followers on TikTok, spend few time watching each creator, thus they are way less valuable than other platforms.
  6. LinkedIn: $1.75
    LinkedIn is a professional place, which helps attract new business opportunities, making it a very powerful tool for business.
  7. Newsletter: $7.50
    Newsletter subscribers are the most engaged subscribers. With not only high open rates, but also with the highest CTR (Click Through Rate) in the whole industry.


We can also analyze subscribers depending on their niche.

To do so, I’ve decided to use YouTube CPM (Cost Per Mille), which basically averages how much you should earn for every 1000 views depending on your niche.

I’ve analyzed the top 15 biggest niches, and calculated their average CPM.

  1. Making Money Online: $13.52
  2. Digital Marketing: $13.50
  3. Personal Finance: $10.00
  4. Educational: $9.89
  5. Tech, Cars, and Gadgets: $10.00
  6. ASMR and Anything Similar: $3.50
  7. Lifestyle: $4.00
  8. Fashion and Try-On Hauls: $7.00
  9. Beauty and Makeup: $6.00
  10. Motivational and Spiritual: $3.50
  11. Cooking: $3.00
  12. Travel: $7.00
  13. Fitness and Bodybuilding: $6.00
  14. Gaming: $3.00
  15. Comedy and Humor: $2.25

While making money online and digital marketing are the highest paying niches, comedy and hobby related niches are way less valuable.

As you can tell, the more business related the niche is, the higher paying the niche is.


As you know, there are places where people are more reach than others. That’s why location matters. Someone in the USA has a way higher spent capacity than someone who lives in South Africa. That being said, I’ll try to analyze how valuable subscribers are on the main places where you may get traffic.

  1. North America: $2.40
  2. South America: $0.80
  3. Europe: $1.55
  4. Oceania: $1.50
  5. Asia: $0.75
  6. Africa: $0.60

I’ve included the places where most subscribers come from. This way, you are able to analyze how valuable each subscriber is.

Other factors

A crucial factor that makes a subscriber more or less valuable is how engaged that person actually is with your content. The more engaged, the better. Why? A subscriber, if it doesn’t interact with your content, is like not having anything.

A subscriber is valuable, because it has the potential to click ads, as well as purchase products. If it wasn’t for one of these income streams, subscribers would be worthless.

Each person has a different rate of engaged rate, that’s why I took the average in order to make this post as accurate as possible. If your subscribers are very engaged, then your subscribers will be more valuable than what shown, if in the other hand, they aren’t really engaged with your content, they are probably not as worth it for you.


This post was meant to give you a broad idea of how valuable each subscriber is. But I know this is really hard to calculate. That’s why I’ve made a calculator in order to make the process way easier.

You can use the tool completely for free here.

Calculate the value of your subscribers
Tool to calculate how valuable your subscribers are.