Beehiiv is among the best newsletter providers, for me, it’s the best out there.

Beehiiv has many tools, that the competition simply doesn’t have.

Although Beehiiv can be pricey, you can also make a lot of money, and what’s more, you can also try it for a month for free (using my link).

Now, let’s go into its characteristics, to understand why I consider beehiiv the best email platform.

Beehiiv characteristics:

Beehiiv is remarkable for the variety of ways you can make money and grow your audience.


You can grow your audience and your revenue with this feature. Every newsletter, that’s on the premium plan, can pay other newsletters to drive them more subscribers.

This works in the following way: every time someone subscribes to your newsletter, they’ll get the option to subscribe to other newsletters, for each subscriber you drive to other newsletters, you’ll get around $3.

As well as using boosts to increase your revenue, it’s also a fantastic way to increase your reach, by paying other newsletters in order to bring you more subscribers.

Boosts work awesome, as there are strict rules in order to verify if a subscriber is suitable for a newsletter or isn’t. If it isn’t a great option, for your newsletter, you won’t have to pay for that subscriber.

Boosts earnings from January to June

Ad Network:

This is perhaps, as important as boosts. Getting companies to place ads on your newsletter is a hard task, specially when you don’t have a large audience. Thankfully, Beehiiv Ad Network has a solution.

Anyone can ask to place ads on your post, that way hundreds of companies, like HubSpot are likely to include ads on your posts. Of course, you are free to choose who runs an ad or doesn’t. You have full control.

Moreover, Ad Network doesn’t care about your subscriber count, as they send at least an email ad proposal every month. And you can make a lot just from this.

Ad network pays for clicks, the more engaged your community is, the more you’ll earn. The average payment per click is around $2-3 dollars, just if 40 people click the ad, you’ll make $100 a post, not bad.

Earnings from 5 promoted posts.


I love the fact that you can automate anything you want with Beehiiv. You can automatically send emails to inactive accounts, or send promotional content to your most engaged subscribers.

The best automation you can have is one for when someone subscribes to get your content, and the other for when people are inactive. You can get a lot of people back, and those who are not interested can be cleaned automatically. That way you keep your email list clean.

Design Page:

Beehiiv lets you customize everything you want, from the landing page:

Monday Growing Landing Page

To your subscribe page:

Monday Growing Subscribe Page

And even your upgrade page:

Monday Growing Upgrade Page

Of course, you can also customize how every post looks like, as well as how the online version appears.

Beehiiv pricing:

Beehiiv recently changed prices, from a fixed monthly payment to a variable payment depending on the number of subscribers on your list.

If you just want to text how it works, it’s a great tool for up to 2.500 subscribers, above that, you’ll have to pay, starting at $39 with the Scale and $99 on the Max one (up to 1.000 subscribers). This price will increase depending on the number of subscribers to $299 on the Scale plan and $399 on the Max one (up to 100.000 subscribers).

If you want to see how much you’ll have to pay, you can check on the Beehiiv pricing page.

Beehiiv Price for up to 1.000 subscribers.
Beehiiv Price for up to 1.000 subscribers.

As you can tell, it’s not expensive when you have a small mailing list, but it does get pricey when you try to grow your newsletter beyond this.

Beehiiv Price for up to 100.000 subscribers.
Beehiiv Price for up to 100.000 subscribers.

Beehiiv conclusion:

All that being said, it’s safe to say that Beehiiv is a service worth checking out. Its prices can get a bit expensive when you have too many subscribers, but that shouldn’t be a big deal. As the ad network as well as boosts will make up for that.

Anyway, I recommend you give it a try, using my link you’ll get a discount as well as a 30-day free trial. Use your discount.

If you are not sure what newsletter provider to choose, you’ll be interested in reading my Beehiiv vs Substack comparison.